Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Other Camera

It was just my dear friend Anne's birthday.  To celebrate, she invited a bunch of her friends to this yummy bbq joint in the city that had live country music.  (This is my friend who had her bachelorette party not in Vegas, not in Miami, but in Nashville, mind you.)  But hey, no complaints from me.  I borrowed a pair of Anne's cowboy boots for the soiree and gave a few "yeehaws" and enjoyed the night. 

And me being me, I had a camera and snapped some photos of the birthday girl and the festivities.  This prompted Anne to excitedly ask whether these photos would make it onto my blog (Hi Anne! Thanks for reading!).  I must have given her a bit of a face.  Okay, I definitely gave her a face, and she quickly stated "oh... these weren't taken with your fancy camera, so no, right?" 

Quite honestly, the answer was going to be no.  I wasn't planning on sharing those photos here (and for the most part, I won't - check facebook instead).  They were the cheesy group shots and candids taken with my point and click camera -- my not so fancy camera.  But Anne's comment, though, got me thinking.  Although I love my quote unquote fancy camera, my point and click camera takes some pretty nice photos, too.  So I think it's about time that I show off some of the ones I took in Portugal.  I didn't photoshop these - the special effects came from the camera's own built-in settings. 

Lesson learned: you don't need a fancy-pants camera to take a good shot. 

And happy birthday, Anne!  Thanks for the inspiration.  And the giant ice cream cake.

(Portugal, photographed June 2010; NYC, photographed July 2010)


  1. Yay for the non-fancy camera and for friends who inspire you to use it more!:)

  2. These are amazing!!!!! And happy birthday Anne! :-)

  3. I love the beach photos, especially the blue one. Was that taken in Lagos?

  4. Thanks, guys. Susan, the beach shot was taken in Portugal, along the Atlantic coast, near Sintra. We stayed at a random hotel right on the beach.