Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Cows Come From Wisconsin

My last post about the Lincoln County Fair was all about the horses, but really, what would a county fair in Wisconsin be without the cows?

Speaking of cows, I have a story that is slightly amusing or maybe slightly embarrassing.  Really, I'm not yet sure which it is.  Last night, I was playing trivia at a bar with my friends.  A question comes up, requiring us to identify a particular breed of dairy cow.  Me, being the easily excited girl from Wisconsin, I scream out that I knew it, letting it slip that the particular cow (Jersey) was my favorite dairy cow.  Yes, the cat, er... cow, is out of the bag.  Not only do I know the various breeds of dairy cows, I actually have a favorite one.

I really am from Wisconsin.

(Merrill, Wisconsin, photographed July 2010)

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