Saturday, July 24, 2010

No W(h)ining

Whine... It's so hot in New York City this weekend.  Unbearably hot.  Too hot really to do anything but sit in a nice cool and dark apartment and drink a chilled bottle of vinho verde.  (Yup, am still plugging this wine.  Seriously, you have to try it).

When Laura and I were in Portugal, we not only drank our fair share of vinho verde, we also visited wine and port country.  We drove our car through the hills overlooking the Douro River, which are populated by countless quintas, each touting rows and rows of grape vines.  We stopped at one, where they grow the grapes used in fonesca port.  The day was hot, the sun was baking as we combed through the seemingly endless rows of vines, but our sweet reward was several glasses of port waiting for us to sip in a lovely air-conditioned tasting parlor. 

Oh, and the opportunity to take some neat photos was a fun treat as well.

(Quinta do Panascal, Portugal, photographed in June 2010)

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