Wednesday, July 7, 2010

(Not So) Camera Shy

I've mentioned the food, the vinho verde and port.  But another reason why my roadtrip through Portugal was so wonderful was that I was traveling with another shutterbug.  Usually on vacation, others have to wait for me as I stop here or there to catch a photo that I see happening.  But Laura, she stopped to take photos as much as I did (or at least almost as much).

There is something wonderful about traveling with another photographer, especially one as talented as Laura.  We picked spots to visit, like the market in Porto, specifically because we thought there would be some great photos to be had (and spoiler alert, there was).  We talked about f-stops and isos.  We compared photos over dinner.  We encouraged each other to try taking different photos.  I blame Laura for the proliferation of black and white photos that you will now see on my website... (no really, I thank her). 

And when you have two photographers traveling together, you got to expect some photos of taking photos(maybe you should ask Laura to see the photos she was taking here)...

(Portugal, photographed June 2010)

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  1. as always, these are gorgeous -- my favorite is the fourth one, so sharp and looks great in b&w!