Friday, July 9, 2010

Futbol Fever

I haven't had much luck with the World Cup this year.  The Americans, although giving it their all, did not ultimately deliver.  My Germans (who I loved watching in the Eurocup while in Munich two years ago) were just eliminated in the semifinals.  But what disappointed me the most were the Portuguese.

Not because I normally cheer the Portuguese on, but because they played what should have been two big games while Laura and I were in Portugal.  The match against Brazil (their old colony!) took place while we were visiting Porto.  The match against Spain (their neighboring rivals!) happened was while we were visiting Lisboa - in fact, on our very last night in town.  Seriously, last night in town.  I wanted riots in the streets as my fair farewell to Portugal. 

But no.

We had none.

The game against Brazil, photographed here, was so anticlimatic.  As it was still in the early rounds, it ended on a zero to zero score.  Yes, zero to zero.  No goals.  Nothing to cheer for or against.  We watched in an outdoor square along with many futbol fans, but when the game was over, everyone went their own ways, with no celebrating or sulking.  Just walking on to continue their days as usual.  Anticlimatic, indeed.

Maybe I'll just have to go to Rio in four years instead.

(Porto, photographed June 2010)

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