Sunday, January 30, 2011

Flutter By...

"Just when the caterpillar thought her world was ending, she became a butterfly."

I love that expression.  I'm not sure who originally coined it, but I stumbled upon it while reading a sky mall magazine on a long flight.  You know the sky mall magazines, right?  Full of junkity-junk and crazy contraptions that no one needs and you wonder who even thought up such wackadoodle ideas.  (But truthfully, I want some of the crazy but completely unnecessary items. Shh!  Don't tell anyone!)  

Anyway, sky mall magazine was selling some piece of jewelry or bookmark or piece of rice or something with this expression embossed upon it.  As ugly as the item was, I found the saying to be so beautiful.  Maybe it was the wine I was drinking, but this slightly cheesy expression really struck me.  I may have teared up just a little (okay, that definitely was because of the wine).  But wine or no wine, it hit a chord close to home.  I went through a lot of change in the last year and a half, but, like the caterpillar, my world didn't end.  I've -- dare I say it -- flourished.  So, when I was looking at these photographs I had taken at a butterfly exhibit, I was reminded about how far I've come from my little caterpillar days.  See, now I'm the cheesy one.  I might as well buy that embossed piece of rice.

(Butterflies at Milwaukee Public Museum, photographed May 2010)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pinch Me I'm Dreaming...

It's happened again.  The Packers ae going to the Superbowl this year.  I'm too excited to write anything more than GO PACK GO! GO PACK GO! GO PACK GO!

These photos were taken during my first visit to Lambeau Field, back in October 2010.  Read more here.

(Green Bay, photographed October 2010)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Things I Like

I wouldn't ever say that winter is my favorite season.  It's not.  It's cold and dreary and, while I enjoy snow when it frst falls, it just gets grey and gross way too quickly in New York.  However, there are some things about the season that I adore.  Here are some of the things that have made me smile so far.

1. Hikes in the snow with friends.

2. First kisses at winter weddings.

3. Cups of hot cocoa with whip cream (and bourbon!)

4. Wisconsin barns as seen from the side of the road.

5. And snowmobiling in the snowmobile capital of the world, Eagle River, Wisconsin.

(Various locations, photographed December 2010 and January 2011)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Aging Gracefully

Today I turn 29.  Happy birthday to me! And while it was pointed out to me that I look remarkably similar to a photo of me from ten years ago that my friend had posted to facebook, I truly hope that I age with grace.  Like my grandmother Joan, photographed here.

Recently I posted some photos of my paternal grandmother, Ethel, and I thought I should now give my maternal grandmother Joan her share of the limelight.  Honestly, both hated when I whipped out my camera and took their photos over the holidays and, if they had internet access, would not be too pleased with me posting their portraits on my blog.  But I think they are lovely and should not be so camera shy.  I'm sure you agree.

Joan has a fraternal twin sister, Jane, and they both married men named Robert but who go by Bob.  Not Robert or Rob or Robbie or Bobbie.  Nope, they both found a man named Bob to love when they were young and carefree.  And they both were able to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversaries with their respective Bobs.  Sadly, after that remarkable milestone -- and after a full, well-lived and well-loved life-- my Grandpa Bob passed away.  Despite mourning Bob's loss as well as the  loss of other loved ones, my Grandma Joan has remained sassy and quite spunky.  And truly quite beautiful. 

And, although I'm posting this technically on a Tuesday, the black and white photos are for my friends at Black and White Wednesday, hosted by the Long Road to China (and back).  I figure you can forgive the timing because it is my birthday after all. 

(Grandma Joan, photographed December 2010)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Puppy Eyes

This dog would very much like to get out of the car.  Wish I could have taken him with me.

(Sorry for the short post - been too busy, but trying to keep posting regularly).

(Dog in Eagle River, WI, photographed December 2010)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Over the River and Through the Woods...

As I mentioned here, my dad and I ventured to Eagle River, Wisconsin, to see some of my relatives for Christmas.  In particular, my dad wanted to surprise his mother -- my grandmother Ethel -- with this holiday visit.  Because of various reasons, we hadn't seen her for Christmas in a really, really long time.  Too long of a time, in fact.  But rather than let her know that we would be there for Christmas, we instead simply showed up unannounced at her front door, presents in hand, on Christmas Eve.  (We had checked with my aunt that Grandma would be around, of course.  Didn't want the trip to be a complete waste).  I was just a tinsy-bit concerned that we would surprise Grandma a little too much, but no one keeled over from a shock-induced coronary during our visit, thankfully.  Grandma was tickled pink to see us, and we were happy to see her as well.  We talked and laughed, opened presents and posed for pictures.  Although Grandma as shy before my big camera, I still managed to take some nice portraits during our weekend holiday visit. 

(Grandmother Ethel, photographed December 2010)