About Me

A little about this blog...

I love taking photos.  I've amassed thousands of digital photos on my laptop that I've taken over the years and that have largely been just sitting on my laptop, unviewed.  Yes, I occasionally glance through them and have posted a few to facebook, but I've never done much with them. 

After enjoying the experience of being guest photographer for my friend's blog (and having friends say to me that they like my photos and didn't know I liked photography so much), I realized that I could create my own blog as a place to share my photos.  Nothing fancy, just posting a small number of photos related to a theme, maybe a little witty writing or a cute story to go with the post.  I thought it would not only give me an excuse to look at all my old photographs but also motivation to venture out and take new and creative photographs.

It's a little fledging blog at this point, but I'm hoping with some time and practice, I'll turn it into something nice.

A little about me...

I'm a lawyer who likes to take photos as a much needed creative outlet.  I've never taken a photography class (though I'm planning on taking one soon) and take just as many terrible photos and good ones.  Luckily for you (and my ego), I can carefully select which photos I share.

I've lived in New York City for around ten years now.  I've lived in four of the five boroughs - Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and now Brooklyn - in that order (and no, I do not plan on making it five for five).  And I don't have plans to leave anytime soon.  But so why the title "a girl from Wisconsin"?  I was born and raised in Wisconsin, and I think I will always be a midwestern girl at heart.  It's a proud part of who I am.  Besides, I thought that "say cheese photos" was a cute, albeit not super original, name for this site.