Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Aging Gracefully

Today I turn 29.  Happy birthday to me! And while it was pointed out to me that I look remarkably similar to a photo of me from ten years ago that my friend had posted to facebook, I truly hope that I age with grace.  Like my grandmother Joan, photographed here.

Recently I posted some photos of my paternal grandmother, Ethel, and I thought I should now give my maternal grandmother Joan her share of the limelight.  Honestly, both hated when I whipped out my camera and took their photos over the holidays and, if they had internet access, would not be too pleased with me posting their portraits on my blog.  But I think they are lovely and should not be so camera shy.  I'm sure you agree.

Joan has a fraternal twin sister, Jane, and they both married men named Robert but who go by Bob.  Not Robert or Rob or Robbie or Bobbie.  Nope, they both found a man named Bob to love when they were young and carefree.  And they both were able to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversaries with their respective Bobs.  Sadly, after that remarkable milestone -- and after a full, well-lived and well-loved life-- my Grandpa Bob passed away.  Despite mourning Bob's loss as well as the  loss of other loved ones, my Grandma Joan has remained sassy and quite spunky.  And truly quite beautiful. 

And, although I'm posting this technically on a Tuesday, the black and white photos are for my friends at Black and White Wednesday, hosted by the Long Road to China (and back).  I figure you can forgive the timing because it is my birthday after all. 

(Grandma Joan, photographed December 2010)


  1. what lovely portraits, these are great.

  2. those brought tears to my eyes for so many reasons. love is a powerful thing!


  3. These made me tear up! Oh my goodness! Beautiful shots! =) xo

  4. awesome shots such a pretty lady.