Sunday, January 30, 2011

Flutter By...

"Just when the caterpillar thought her world was ending, she became a butterfly."

I love that expression.  I'm not sure who originally coined it, but I stumbled upon it while reading a sky mall magazine on a long flight.  You know the sky mall magazines, right?  Full of junkity-junk and crazy contraptions that no one needs and you wonder who even thought up such wackadoodle ideas.  (But truthfully, I want some of the crazy but completely unnecessary items. Shh!  Don't tell anyone!)  

Anyway, sky mall magazine was selling some piece of jewelry or bookmark or piece of rice or something with this expression embossed upon it.  As ugly as the item was, I found the saying to be so beautiful.  Maybe it was the wine I was drinking, but this slightly cheesy expression really struck me.  I may have teared up just a little (okay, that definitely was because of the wine).  But wine or no wine, it hit a chord close to home.  I went through a lot of change in the last year and a half, but, like the caterpillar, my world didn't end.  I've -- dare I say it -- flourished.  So, when I was looking at these photographs I had taken at a butterfly exhibit, I was reminded about how far I've come from my little caterpillar days.  See, now I'm the cheesy one.  I might as well buy that embossed piece of rice.

(Butterflies at Milwaukee Public Museum, photographed May 2010)

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