Thursday, October 7, 2010

Game Day

As I mentioned in my last post, I went to Green Bay to go to my very first Packers game.   And it was incredible.  Everything I had hoped for.  And more.  Much more.

Mind you, the Packers barely held on their lead to win.  It got awfully close near the end of the game as the Lions tried to take the lead away.  But a win is a win.  And it was a beautiful day with a fun-loving crowd, including my friend Katie from high school (Hi Katie!).  And nobody can lead a tailgate like my Aunt Karen and cousins.

Which leads me to my next point...

I've also learned that it is really hard to take photos in the bright sun after drinking.  I have a couple hundred photos (apparently I get really shutter happy when I drink) but I forgot to change the ISO to handle the glaring fall sun.  Yes, that tailgate was a little too good...

But I'm all smiles (see below).

(Green Bay, photographed October 2010)


  1. it almost looks like you're giving the camera the finger in that last one! but these are great!

  2. These make me homesick for Green Bay!