Sunday, October 17, 2010

Prime Time

Lately I've been asked to take a bunch of portraits for my friends.  My friends' engagement photos, another friend's wedding, some more baby shots...  I'm super excited and honored (thanks, guys!).  But this also got me thinking that maybe it's about time that I invested in another prime lens for these portraits.  I really wanted a prime lens that would give a sublime bokeh - photographer-speak for that dreamy blurry background effect in photos.  I did my research and I found that an 85mm / 1.8 was exactly what I was looking for.  And I bought it.

I had a chance to play with it this weekend while doing another fashion shoot for my friend Katy at Sugarlaws.  I really think some of the portraits turned out quite lovely.  But those photos aren't ready to be posted yet.  So instead, I'm sharing with you the other portraits that I took this weekend.  Of my favorite cat model Bella and Katy's adorable puppies.

As usual, Bella was not as cooperative of a witness as I would like.  See below.  Haha.  The puppies were better behaved.

(Bella and Coco & Calvin, photographed October 2010)

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