Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Fair Lady

Although I've lived in New York City for ten years, I'll always be a girl from Wisconsin (as the title from this blog should make clear).  There are certain things about Wisconsin that I just love... like cheese curds and the Packers, Summerfest and the Dane County Farmer's Market... and the Wisconsin State Fair.

I used to go to the State Fair each year, every year since I was born.  But I haven't been able to make it back the last few years.  But when I went home this last weekend for my family reunion, my dad had a special treat for me -- the Lincoln County Fair.  We stopped for a couple hours on Sunday, and it was like the State Fair, just on a smaller scale.  Animals, crafts, rides, games, and of course, deep fried food on a stick.

Although I still have more Portugal photos to post (yes, I took a lot of photos on vacation), I'm taking a break to show some from the fair, starting first with these from the horse barn.

(Merrill, Wisconsin, photographed July 2010)

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