Sunday, April 4, 2010

spring has sprung!

First post ever! Happy Easter and happy spring!

After having so much fun taking photos for my friend Katy and her blog Sugarlaws ( and after receiving such great feedback from my friends, I decided that it was about time I started my own blog to share my photos.

It's going to be a little rough as I get used to this whole blogging thing and try out different formats. But I plan posting photos that I've taken over the years that I've never previously shared and taking new photos to post. Right now I'm thinking a few photos per post tied to a theme. We'll see how this turns out.

In honor of spring and easter, today's post is all about flowers. And in particular, the flowers that my Dad and Julie sent me for easter. I came home last night to find waiting for me on my stoop a beautiful spring garden in a basket. It smells beautiful (which sadly I couldn't capture in film for you) and has made me smile all day. I hope these photos make you smile, too.

p.s. Bella (my kitten) loves the flowers too much. Guess they are coming with me to work tomorrow to live in my office.

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