Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bombay Dreams

Almost three years ago, I traveled for work to India.  I hadn't yet purchased my digital SLR camera, and I wound up taking most of my photos (including these three) through car windows as we drove between work sites.  Luckily for my photos, the traffic in Mumbai just crawls along, as every sort of vehicle from two- and three-wheelers to big rigs (and even some animals) fight for lane space on the very congested streets.  Not only did I have ample time to snap photos, I also had plenty of fascinating scenes to try to capture. 

But I wish I could go back now, with my fancy camera and with the time to properly take photos.  I'd even risk another parasite and another incident of delhi belly for the opportunity.  Well, maybe not the delhi belly...    

(And yes, Lauren, I will *finally* get you copies of my photos.)

(Mumbai, photographed October 2007)

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