Saturday, April 17, 2010


My friend Anne is involved with a great organization called Trail Blazers, which runs a summer camp to get the kiddies out of gritty, sweltering, stinky New York City and other urban areas and bring them to the part rural New Jersey that really is the "Garden State."  In honor of Earth Day, Trail Blazers sponsored an open house -- and lucky grown-ups like me were invited to go play.  There was hiking, canoeing, biking, s'mores, and arts&crafts, among other fun camp activities.

I took lots of photos (so expect more camp-related posts!) but wanted first to share these photos from arts&craft time.  I've previously posted photos of outdoors and nature, and these ones are a little different from the other ones you've seen on my blog.  Gotta keep showing you different types of photos to keep you interested, right?

Anyway, in arts&crafts at camp, we made dreamcatchers.  The short story behind dreamcatchers is that the Chippewa tribe would hang them by their sleeping children to protect them at night.  Bad dreams would get caught in the webs, and only good dreams would be able to slip through into the children's heads. 

Our attempt at making dreamcatchers was a little less than pretty, but we had fun nonetheless.

(this last one was my attempt at a dreamcatcher)

(Trail Blazers Camp, photographed April 2010)

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