Thursday, April 15, 2010

Barefoot in the Park

This last weekend I was supposed to work.  And I did work.  Not only did we have a very important filing on Monday, I had also been given a new assignment on Friday evening that I had to start.  I had holed myself away on Saturday to furiously write a brief and research case law and only escaped on Sunday morning to go to church.

After mass, I decided to take the long way home, which just so happened to take me through Washington Square Park.

I suddenly felt like Robert Redford's character in the classic film "Barefoot in the Park" (yes, I know it was based on a Neil Simon play, but I never saw the play, so my reference is to the movie). Redford plays this stuffy, boring, tightly-wound young lawyer (Paul) who works way too much.  I may not be as stuffy or tightly-wound as the character Paul, but last weekend I definitely fit the cliche of a young, overworked attorney in New York City. 

Throughout the movie, Paul's crazy, free-spirited wife Corie, played by Jane Fonda, tries to get him to take a break and just enjoy himself.  And, at the end of the movie, Paul does finally loosen up, which culminates with him running barefoot in Washington Square Park.  

Me, I don't run barefoot in the city (maybe it was cleaner in the 1960's, when the film takes place?).  But, on Sunday afternoon, I did channel some of that free-spirited Corie and did my own (tiny) act of rebellion.  Throwing caution to the wind, I put down my blackberry.  It was a gorgeous day with perfect temperatures.  I sat in the park and watched some street performers, listened to a jazz band and just soaked up the sun.

And, of course, I took photos.

Next time, I'll bring a blanket and stay longer.

(Washington Square Park, photographed April 2010)

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