Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Planning for Port...

Soon and very soon, I leave for Portugal. 

I still have to post more photos from my cruise and embarrassingly still have to finish unpacking from it(whoops!), but I'm already thinking ahead to my next vacation.  I cannot wait.

My friend Laura, who will be going on vacation to Portugal with me, and I met last Saturday at the Bohemian beer garden in Astoria, Queens, to plan for our trip.  What better way to plan for vacation than to look at guide books while drinking cold beer and listening to live music.  We figured out a great plan, too.  We're going to fly into Lisbon, rent a car, and drive up the coast to Northern Spain and back again.  We're not quite sure of our itinerary in-between, but are ready for the adventure.

Of course, me being me, I had to take photos of our planning session.

Laura, who is a talented photographer herself, took some of me, too.  And some old guy we befriended at the beer garden also took our first "portugal travel" photo, seen below in black and white.  Here's a teaser - expect some great photos from Portugal in the next month!

(nyc bohemian beer garden, photographed June 2010)

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