Monday, June 7, 2010

On A Boat...

I recently went on my first ever cruise and was accompanied by my friend Meghan (hi Meghan!)  Some people are cruise people.  Some people are not.  Meghan and I are decidedly cruise people.  We loved the shows, the chaise lounges, the bars, the endless buffets...

And we loved the "shore excursions."  We went parasailing in Key West and visited some Mayan ruins in Mexico.  What was funny was that, once we disembarked at port in Mexico, we immediately got on another boat to ferry us to the ruins.  But it was a beautiful day to be on a boat, especially one that served ice cold cerveza (Mind you, we stayed away from the margaritas and pina coladas for fear of Montezuma's revenge. Where'd they get the ice from?).  There was even a cute boy playing a guitar for us.  Who could complain?

This bottom photo is with lensbaby for those who are keeping track.

(Mexico, photographed June 2010)

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