Saturday, June 19, 2010

New York State of Mind

As I've been not-so-subtly mentioning (like here), I'm going on vacation.  Soon and very soon, I'll be on a plane headed to beautiful Portugal.  I can't wait for the seafood, the port, the castles, the coast...

So, of course, what am I posting about?

New York City.  Where I live and work.  The place I'm super excited to get away from for a few days.  Yup, tonight, instead of packing, I'm posting about good ole' new york.

I do love this place though.  She's a beautiful city, especially when she wears her bright lights and neon at night.

(New York City, photographed 2009-10)


  1. I love the Rainbow Room photos. I am a sucker for a cool old neon sign.

    I saw the recent fashion photos you did on the Sugarlaws blog. Amazing! You are working up quite the portfolio.

  2. these are stunning -- where/when was that concert one taken, and how was i not there??