Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shanghai'd by Work

Work this week has been crazy.  I don't even want to begin to think about how many hours I've been billing.  It's kept me from things that I like to do, like bowl in my league with my friends, going to a nyc fashion week party, finish reading "the hunger games" (such a good book!) and update this blog.  Thankfully, today ended mercifully early (relatively speaking that is), giving me a chance to put on my sweats, curl up on my couch and make a new post.

I started flipping through my old photographs, wondering what to share tonight, when I came across these photos.  They were taken when work had taken over my life, but in a slightly different way.  I was on an assignment in China, spending up to three weeks there at a time.  Although some of the days were long, I often had nights to myself to wander around Shanghai by myself.  Well, just me and my camera that is...

(And if you think the smooshed pig face hanging up in the one market picture, just wait until I post my photos of the street "meats").

(Shanghai, photographed February 2008)

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