Wednesday, September 1, 2010

One Fish, Two Fish, Black Fish, White Fish

First of all, let me apologize if you don't like fish.  And let me say, you should just quit looking at this page if you don't like fish.  Because this whole post is all fish.  

Yup, all fish.  

I'm just as surprised as you that I have this many photos of sardines.  But, like I mentioned here, when I was in Portugal I visited this amazing open air market in Oporto.  To confess, Laura and I went there specifically to take photos.  We thought a bustling market in Portugal would provide plenty of photo opps.  And well, it did.  Just a lot of those photo opps were fish.  It seems that almost every other stand in the market was selling sardines or fish of some kind.  I guess that shouldn't be surprising as I was in Oporto, which, as the name gives away, is a port city on the Atlantic Ocean.  I'm more used to my Wisconsin farmers markets that have cheese at every other stand.  

But sardines, with their slippery shiny scales, are far more interesting on film than cheese -- especially black and white film.

And thanks again to everyone at  Black&White Wednesday, hosted by The Long Road to China,  for being great.  Hope you don't mind all these fishies.  I promise cuter photos next week.

(Oporto market, photographed June 2010)


  1. Wow! Those teeth! Crazy!
    I think their great pictures! Very cool!