Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Day at the Beach (B&W)

This Labor Day weekend was exactly what I needed.  Time out of the city with my friend Susie.  We went to Cape May, New Jersey, and had a perfectly splendid mini-vacation: scrabble, bike rides, brunch, good wine and dinner and, of course, the beach.

Oh, the beach.  How I love thee.

Hurricane Earl had threatened to ruin the weekend, but he proved no match for the Jersey Shore (must be all that fist-pumping that scared him away).  And I could tell you how beautiful the weekend was, but it's much easier to just show you.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, after all.  And these pictures should amply explain why I came back from the shore with renewed spirit.

Earlier I mentioned that I am in love with my new iPhone.  And my day at the beach underscored that love.  All of these photos were taken with it (vintage b&w free app and the hipstamatic camera app).  I love how it allows me to take some pretty amazing photos without risking getting sand all over my nice canon camera baby.  It also helps me take my photos of strangers on the sly.  My friend Susie didn't even know I was snapping away, even though I was sitting a mere foot away from her.

Because it's Wednesday, I posted my black and white photographs (but trust me, the sky was a beautiful shade of blue).  I love how black&white Wednesdays, hosted by The Long Road to China, keeps me exploring the art of the black and white photograph (if even just on the iPhone).  Go check it out!

 (Cape May, New Jersey, photographed September 2010)


  1. Fun captures! I'm so glad Earl didn't ruin your great weekend!

  2. what a fantastic collection of beach shots, can't believe they were all on an iphone!

  3. Ooo, awesome b&w's! Love the sky in some of those shots! Great job!

  4. see I have been obessed with taking photos on my phone (its not the Iphone but pretty darn close. its the HTC EVO.) pretty much all of the other post for the last few days were taken with my phone. but OMG!!! THESE ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! love love love LOVE THEM!

  5. Fantastic shots!! Pretty amazing that they were taken on your iPhone!

  6. Wow, that sky is just perfect! I love the first photo. The composition of that one with the boy that far to the left is soooo nice.

    Erika B

  7. Goodness! These pictures are crystal clear, and the lighting is glorious! Really spectacular! :-)

  8. I love the sharp contrasts in your photos! B&W really does give a totally different feel to our images. The first photo you posted is my fav. I just love the composition... the sky and the boy standing off to the left side. Lots of pure white and black. Just lovely!

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!