Friday, August 20, 2010

Falling Into A Dream

It's not that I'm ready for summer to be over just yet.  Geez, it flew by so quickly as is.  How did it get to be this late in August?  I feel like I need to have more time to go to the beach, eat more ice cream and sit in the park before summer passes us completely by.  No, I'm definitely not ready to let summer go.

But lately I find myself thinking more and more about the fall.  Perhaps it's the "back to school" ads that are popping up on the television.  Maybe it's the jackets and long sleeved shirts that I'm now seeing in the stores (long gone are the bikinis and tank tops).   Could be that my firm said goodbye to our summer associates and is already in full swing of "fall recruiting."  Yes, despite the persistent humidity and continuing sticky days, fall is quickly approaching. 

I love fall though. Pumpkin spice, brightly colored leaves, crispness in the air, hot apple cider, warm mittens and scarves without jackets, sweater weather, football.  Yes, without a doubt, it's my favorite season.  And looking at these photographs makes me (almost) excited to say farewell to summer. 

These photos are from last fall, when one day in late fall my friends and I escaped from the city and rented bikes out in "the country."  Although we were a little late for the changing of the leaves (or leaf-peeping as people call it in New England), it was a gorgeous fall day.  I'm hoping we'll go again this year, but when the autumn leaves are at their best. 

 (around Pawling, NY, photographed November 2009)

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