Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Purring with Delight (B&W)


Back-to-back posting on cats.  I wasn't going to do this.  Because I'm not a crazy cat lady.  

But it's been a while since I've participated in Black and White Wednesday, hosted by the Long Road to China.  I've been lax in posting to my little blog, thanks (unfortunately) to work and life obligations.  In November, I managed to scrape together three posts.  Three.  In the entire month.  No wonder I've been so grumpy and uninspired lately.  So now I'm making a concerted effort to keep these creative juices flowing.  And, in doing so, found these great black and white photos I took of my dad and stepmom's cats and thought these would be perfect for black and white Wednesday.

And that's how I got to back-to-back postings on cats.  Not because I am a crazy cat lady.  These aren't even my cats.

You have to admit, though, that these are cute cats.  Even if you are not a crazy cat person yourself.  Little Isaiah -- the one with the stripes -- was very perplexed at what I was doing, following him around on hands and knees, taking photos.  I think you can see the curiosity written on his face  in a couple of these photographs.  Luckily for my parents, however, curiosity did not, in fact, kill the cat.

(Noah & Isaiah, photographed October 2010)


  1. Oh my goodness. Your cats are beautiful as can be. How sweet. I laughed out loud about your clarification that you are not a crazy cat lady : )

  2. Your cats are adorable! I try so hard to capture my pups but can never get them to stay still long enough! Great captures!

  3. Yes...They are adorable! Great shots!

  4. :-) I don't think you are a crazy cat lady! These were sweet of your cats!


  5. Well....since they're not actually your cats - you don't qualify as a crazy cat lady. Sorry!

    These shots are however, adorable. I happen to love cats (and I'm not a crazy cat lady either).

  6. So sweet! My favourite is the third one from the top.

    Erika B