Monday, December 6, 2010

Family Portraits (in Wine Country, of Course)

During my recent visit to Portland, Oregon, my sister and I went on a wine-tasting tour, with her husband Nick graciously chauffeuring us from vineyard to vineyard.  

Me, being me, I toted my camera around looking for photo ops while still savoring every glass of pinot noir.  And I found my perfect op while enjoying the view from a terrace of one of the vineyards.  The light was just perfect, I had my new portrait lens on my camera, and I was feeling very shutter-happy so I made Monica and Nick pose for some portraits.

Now, I'm a little nervous to post these photos without letting Monica and Nick see them first.  (So, Monica & Nick, if you don't like these, sorry, but also too late now).  But because Nick was so wonderful as our designated driver, I'm not posting any bad shots of him.  Favor returned, I think.

 (Monica & Nick, photographed November 2010)

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