Saturday, May 8, 2010

Meow Meow


Please don't think that I'm a crazy cat lady.  I live alone with my one cat who, as you may recall from an earlier post, is named Bella Princess Monster.  But just one cat.  And I don't have any plans to adopt another kitty anytime soon.  I swear. 


But seeing my dad and stepmom's new kitty, Isaiah, really made me want a kitten.  A tiny furry little thing with awkwardly big paws.  Seriously, how cute is he?


Although I really am not going to get another cat, not even a cute little kitten like Isaiah, I know I run the risk of looking like a crazy cat lady by posting these photos of Isaiah -- especially because I already posted some pictures of my own princess monster not too long ago.  Who else takes so many photos of cats except crazy cat ladies, right? 

I promise, though, that this will not become a kitty blog. I have plenty of other things to take photos of that don't have furry coats. So you better enjoy these photos of this little one, because there won't be more photos of kitties for a good long time (read: at least another month).

(Isaiah in Milwaukee, photographed May 2010)

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  1. I hereby offer to catsit this kitty as well. Just fed-ex him over. Anytime. =D