Sunday, May 16, 2010



(Not mine, of course.) 

Having liked the photos I've taken and posted here on my cute little blog, my friend Nicole asked me if I would be willing to schlep up to her neck of the woods (aka Morningside Heights) and take photos of her baby girl Greta.  She wasn't quite sure what my reaction would be to such a request.  Would I say no?  Would I say that it was too far away to travel?  Would I have better things to do?

Little did she know that it was an honor to this budding photographer.  To be asked to take photos for someone else means I must be good at this, or at least good enough.  Besides, having an afternoon to hang out with Nicole -- even without the joy of taking photos of such a cute baby -- would be fun enough.  (Hi, Nicole, miss you!)

So on Saturday I trekked up to see my friend Nicole and her baby Greta.  And what a beautiful baby!  This was my first time taking portraits of a baby (I'm usually confined to taking photos of my own cat, Bella, which is not quite the same), but Greta was a perfect subject.  Adorable, with big beautiful eyes and a lovely smile.  Maybe a bit of spit-up, too, but that was for mommy, not photographer, to have to deal with.

I think this is probably the most photos I've included in one post, and I hope I don't bore you with them.  But it was even hard picking just these nine to post.  Lucky Nicole is going to get a few dozen more great shots for her album.  And, who knows, I might do another Greta-centric post.  Who doesn't love baby photos?

p.s.  if you want me to take photos for you of someone or something - just ask!  seriously!

(Greta, photographed May 2010)


  1. I don't think that I am prejudiced because I am her grandmother to say that Greda is the most beautiful baby in the world and the photografer is a very good one
    Vania Athens ,Greece